We’ve Tried: Cooltra Scooters- The Best Way to See Barcelona

    Plaza del Rey Barcelona

    If your plan is to visit Barcelona then you are one of the millions of tourists who do so every year. However, if your plan is to visit Barcelona to have a great time in a relaxed and fun atmosphere then we believe that this Cooltra Tour is perfect for you.
    This scooter tour is organised everyday and you get to zip around the streets.

    The tour is an adventure, which provides loads of laughs, with you being able to shoot off through the streets in the city centre and stop in front of whatever of Barcelona’s most famous attractions that interest you, because a bit of culture never goes to waste…

    When you get to the team’s base (in Passeig Joan de Borbó 80-84, right in front of Barcelona’s beaches), you will be welcomed by a young team who are able to speak a bit of every language to put you at ease straight away; they are the ones who will take you around the city, stopping off telling you a bit about history, funny stories and anything else about the places you will see.

    Once on the scooters (you only need a normal driving licence and to be over 18 to drive it), and after a initial drive round to get a bit of practice in, you go down the road and you will get started with the stages of your tour which you have decided on previously (there are, in fact, 3 different tours of Barcelona from 2, 3 or 7 hours, which can be completely changed to your convenience), and which are always accompanied by the guides, who lead and tail each group so everyone is safe and to avoid people getting lost, in case they have gotten stock at a set of traffic lights.

    You will discover all of the places which have made Barcelona a globally famous destination: la Sagrada Família, Vila Olímpica, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (better known as la Pedrera) right up to Montjuïc which looks over the city, for a full view of the city below.

    I am sure that what you will enjoy the most about being on the scooter is the camaraderie which the guys who will be your guides manage to create; the journey will be a endless list of laughs, funny stories and jokes which will help you understand the pleasant atmosphere that dominates Barcelona. Of course, it will all be enjoyed in a good spirit showing respect to the city and locals. It has with precisely the aim of not offering the usual touristy service of just giving you a mere description of places and attractions which, let’s be honest, can become boring very quickly!

    For more information, read our guide on these Barcelona Scooter Tours or go to the Cooltra website

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    Have fun!